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Doggonit! How Much Trimming Do I Need?!

Soo... You just went to a stylist and they told you that you need a trim. You decide hey, I havent had one in a while lets do it! The stylist proceeds to trim your ends, style your hair and you go about your business. Three weeks later, It's time to get your hair done again, but you decide to try another stylist. The new stylist tells you that your ends are split and dry and that you need a trim. You tell the stylist, "I just got a trim!", and the stylist says, "Well, she did'nt do a good job". Now you don't know who to believe. Here's the deal: It is best to get an analysis of how much hair needs to be trimmed by allowing the stylist to blow dry and to round out your hair, then point out your line of demarkation. Rounding out the hair means to comb the blow dried hair into an afro (sun shape, make sure the front is combed straight up). Once you do this you will see a line that separates the thick hair from the thinning hair. Usually the thick hair is non transparent while the hair that is split is transparent meaning you can see clear through it. You will usually see that the hair gets more and more transparent as you get to the very end. The next step is to talk to the stylist about whether you are comfortable having all of the transparent hair cut off at once or just a little with each appointment until it is gone. If you feel you are not ready to cut all of the split hair, protective styles should be worn in order to prevent further splitting until it has been fully addressed. Also, a good stylist will trim your hair as needed to avoid any noticeable changes in the hair. There is no set schedule, just hair care and attention. Also, you must know that Fabulocs has a product that seals ends pretty darn well called the Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy!

Happy trimming!

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