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About Us

Welcome to Fabulocs Natural Hair Products and Services


Fabulocs specializes in natural hair care through the use of exceptional products for dry prone hair and the expertise of well trained professional hair stylists. 


We are known for our ability to repair and assist dry hair and locs towards lifelong health and success. We execute styles ranging from funky and exotic to conservative and professional. Our salon appeals to natural women and men of all ages.


Our techniques and products are derived from long-standing experience and our passion and love for reviving kinky and coily hair. We are known for yielding exceptional results especially in regards to recovering dry prone hair. We realize that dry prone hair requires more intense moisturizing combined with protective styling in order to become healthy and strong. Our goal is to make sure every customer has the opportunity to experience long term well moisturized hair. 

The Fabulocs Natural Hair Care System includes high grade essential oils for exceptional preventative care as well as natural, non-toxic and cruelty free ingredients. We pride ourselves in a superior product for superior results.



About the Founder



After years of trying many different styles and techniques, I realized that the only hair I had not tried to wear was my very own. This realization was not only life changing but embarrassing as I asked myself, " How could this have happened?". I would begin a lifelong journey to overcome what I had been taught about my hair and to help other women learn to appreciate and love their natural hair as I did. I quickly began to immerse myself in the world of natural hair care, striving to learn everything I possibly could. The one thing that stood out the most was that an overwhelming number of African American women had naturally dry hair, making it difficult to manage and therefore the reason why we chose other options. My challenge was to create a product line that would efficiently moisturize dry prone hair and to create beautiful natural styles that would make women feel proud.

Within a twenty year span I was able to establish a successful hair care system for dry hair types and to open five salons hiring and training women in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.

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