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Consultation Form

"As the owner of Fabulocs Natural Hair Products and Services, I have combined my extensive knowledge in product making and decades of hair care experience to bring you "The Public Blender" - Consultations, customized products and events geared toward helping our customers to truly understand what it takes to care for their specific hair type and condition. I take pride in examining every consultation form and personally executing all in house master consultations. I believe that stylists should invest more time in customer consults and have created this effort in order to lead by example." Nimat Bilal - CEO

Basic Consultation: FREE with Service, Via phone or Online - $35 in house w/o service

Style selection, basic hair/scalp analysis and product recommendations. Contact us at 240-463-3617 to schedule your appointment. Basic consultations are executed by Fabulocs stylists.

Product Consultation: FREE

Many Naturalista's have a variety of hair types and conditions that make selecting products confusing and difficult. Fill out the intake form below in order that we can assist you in making the best product selections for your specific hair. Upon receiving and examining your consultation form, we will contact you with the appropriate product recommendations and instructions.

Master Consultation with Owner: $150 (In house and webinar options available)

Traditional stylist and customer consultations are limited to the most basic analysis of the hair and scalp. Fabulocs Master Consultations are detailed and In-depth, allowing customers to understand the full scope of their hair and its upkeep.  To schedule a Master Consult, please fill out the form below. Once submitted, we will review your form and contact you in order to schedule your consultation.

  • hair type and condition analysis

  • scalp analysis

  • hair type specific product analysis

  • product recommendation and demonstration

  • style selections based on hair type and condition

  • establish hair goals and regimen 

  • customized product kit (shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer/custard, oil)

  • customized consultation notes (to be given to your stylist)

Please select the following consultation type:
How thick is your hair?
Do you have a regular stylist that cares for your hair?
Do you take multivitamins?
What is your hair type? For combination hair, list all that apply:
How often do you trim your ends?
How often do you use leave in or deep conditioners?
Do you comb or brush your hair in between washes?
How quickly do you feel your hair grows?
How often do you wash your hair?

Please upload up to six photos showing your hair, any areas of concern as well as styles you may be looking to achieve.

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Thank you for submitting your consultation form. We will review it and contact you directly in order to schedule your appointment. We look forward to speaking with you.

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