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Get Licensed!

Fabulocs’s is now offering a one of a kind career model allowing aspiring Natural Hair Stylists to apprentice side by side with 6 figure Master Cosmetologists and Salon Owners while acquiring their Maryland Cosmetology or Hair Stylist license.

The Orientation on Sunday July 9, 2023 is now CLOSED however, we are accepting applications for our next round of apprenticeships for 2024/2025. In order to be considered and added to the wait list, please review the following information below:

While the average cost of cosmetology school in Maryland is $15-$20k, an apprenticeship is FREE.

This opportunity is exclusively for stylists looking to become Natural Hair Stylist with a MD State license in Cosmetology or Hair Styling.

Apprenticeship Types

MD Cosmetology Apprenticeship 24 months (MD License)

MD Hair Stylist Apprenticeship 15 months (MD License)

Natural Hair Stylist Apprenticeship 15 month (Certification)

What To Expect

Month one of the apprenticeship program is a probational/observation period to determine basic hair handling, skill level, attendance, punctuality and customer service abilities.

During this time, you will learn professional shampoo and detangling techniques, Intro to Product Use and Customer Service Skills, while assisting with clientele. A Friday and Saturday commitment required.

Upon successfully completing month one, Maryland Cosmetology/Hairstylist enrollment will begin. The duration of the apprenticeship will depend upon which license type has been selected (see above). A commitment to the weekly clinic (typically on Sundays) and 2-3 training days during the week will be required (TBD upon enrollment).

Successfully meeting clinic standards and apprenticeship requirements will result in an employment opportunity with Fabulocs. This typically occurs at the 4-6 month mark for most stylists though some may require more time. The weekly Clinic is required for the duration of the apprenticeship.

Training Outline

Each month training reports will be submitted to The Board of Cosmetology based on the subject outline required for licensing.

To Review Maryland Cosmetology and Maryland Hairstylist License criteria, review the information Bulletin below:

If you are interested in this exceptional opportunity and would like to be considered for the next round of apprentices, please fill out and submit the application below.  Once received, we will contact you with any additional questions.

Cosmetologist and Hair Stylist
Apprenticeship Application
How long have you been styling natural hair?
What styles/techniques do you perform best? Check all that apply
How much income would you like to earn as a hair stylist annually?
My ultimate business goal is to:
Have you been an apprentice or attended Cosmetology school?
What type of Apprenticeship are you interested in?
What styles/techniques are you NOT confident in performing? Check all that apply.
Are you good at styling children's hair?
Are you willing to work at more than one location?

If you have photos of your work, please upload below.


Your application has been sent Thank you!

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