As a natural hair care professional, you can enjoy the advantage of career security in times when the economy is less than favorable. Now is the right time to get situated! Fabulocs prides itself in its ability to help natural hair stylists establish a firm career in natural hair. Many stylists have trouble finding a comfortable workplace, building a strong customer base, or receiving the necessary training to succeed. At Fabulocs, we believe in teamwork and that our salon is only as good as the stylist we hire. Fabulocs has successfully inspired stylists that have gone on to build reliable clientele, establish product lines, and even open their own salons. Our business model is designed to assist stylists in the many areas required to obtain a successful career in natural hair.



  • Full Time Stylist/Customer Service Provider ($20 per hour + tips)

  • Stylist Assistant (tips and pay per service)


If you are applying for the Full Time Stylist/Customer Service Provider Position, simply fill out the intake form below. Once submitted, we will review your form. If accepted we will contact you to schedule a skills assessment. Fabulocs offers training in order to compensate for areas that may need a little improvement. Upon completion of the assessment, applicants will receive a job status notification.

If you are applying for the Stylist Assistant position, simply email us at fabulocs@gmail.com with your inquiry.




Most stylists ultimate goal is to own their very own salon. Unfortunately very few succeed due to their lack of finances, acceptable credit, clientele and business knowledge. As an alternative, stylists are limited to working independently in a salon suite or from home, limiting their income and opportunity for growth.


Fabulocs is now launching franchising opportunities in order to offer stylists a more seamless way to fulfill their dreams. The work associated with marketing, acquiring stylists and customers, branding and forming a business plan is no longer a burden to incur alone. As a Fabulocs Employee, you have the opportunity to learn how to establish and run a franchise or salon or of your own.


The basic requirements necessary in order to be considered as a franchisee are as follows:

  • Stylists are required to work as a Fabulocs employee and establish a full clientele (A full clientele is defined as not having availability to book additional clientele).

  • Actively restore damaged credit, debt and any other factors that may inhibit chances to rent real estate. 

  • Save and acquire the necessary capitol associated with opening an establishment; initial rent, signage, equipment and inventory.

Employment Application
How long have you been styling natural hair?
What styles/techniques do you perform best? Check all that apply
How much income would you like to earn as a hair stylist annually?
My ultimate business goal is to:
Do you have a cosmetology license?
What types of Loc Maintence do you perform? Check all that apply
What styles/techniques are you NOT confident in performing? Check all that apply.
Are you good at styling children's hair?
Are you willing to work at more than one location?

You must upload at least one photo of a maintenanced loc style, flat twist and two strand twist style that you have executed. Additional photos are optional but may help us to better assess your skill level. You may be contacted regarding a request to view your portfolio if needed.


Your application has been sent Thank you!