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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)













Q: How long will it take for my hair to loc?


A: This varies from person to person based on their hair texture and how often the hair is professionally serviced. Also, the tighter the hair’s natural curl pattern, the sooner it will loc.



Q: Is beeswax bad for your hair?


A: Beeswax can be damaging to hair if one isn’t professionally trained to use it. There is a proper way to apply beeswax to hair and professional natural hair stylists should use it only.



Q: Is it bad to wear my hair in very tiny twists or braids?


A: It is not bad if you don’t keep them in longer than two to three weeks at a time and they should be removed very carefully to avoid excessive shedding.



Q: How frequently should I have my natural hair professionally serviced?


A: Every three weeks, in some cases four, depending on the style.



Q: If I cut my locs, will they unravel?


A: No, locs are time-matted hair and will not unravel if they are cut or trimmed.



Q: What type of products should I use in my hair?


A: We highly recommend our line of all-natural Fabulocs hair care products, which were specifically created for the maintenance of natural hair and locs!



Q: Is it OK to loc with synthetic or artificial hair?


A: No, never! No matter what a stylist tells you, do not allow them to loc your natural hair with artificial hair—the appearance is bad and is very difficult to remove afterwards.



Q: Do I have to cut out all of my chemical hair relaxer to go “natural” or wear locs?


A: It is preferred practice to do so in order to allow the hair to be in the best condition possible without further damage. However, if length is the concern, there are style options that will protect the hair until it grows out long enough to cut.



Q: How long should I wear my loc extensions?


A: Loc extensions are permanent, should be undetectable (if done properly), and can be worn as long as you like.



Q: Is it OK to wash my hair with new locs?


A: Yes, your hair should be washed every three to four weeks, preferably by a professional, to prevent loc unraveling.



Q: Does Maryland offer a license to style natural hair?


A: No but you should have ample experience before styling and caring for natural hair professionally. Be sure to check the Fabulocs site for upcoming courses and workshops in natural hair care and maintenance.



Q: Is it OK to loc with braids?


A: No, there are other techniques that work much better—braids can take years to begin to loc.

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