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3 Tips To Longer Lasting Twists

Week one....looking Great, Week Two....still getting compliments, Week Three ooohh weee...the fuzz has arrived and its not so neat any more. Well! Good news, here are some great ways to hold on to that gorgeous do for another week.

Two Strand Twist Individuals

TIP 1: Simply take the twist out around your front hair line, detangle with your fingers, apply Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy and retwist. This touch up only takes a few minutes. The hair line is the first thing people see. If this is neat, your over all appearance will look neat.

TIP 2: Fuzz Fighter! Touch up your twists at night by lightly wetting them with a little water (not too much), apply Fabulocs Dry Scalp and Hair Oil, apply soft pillow case rollers as loose or as snug as you'd like or put a few large flat twists or big indiviual twist over your two strand twists. Be sure to wear a head scarf over night and Ta Da! The next moring you will have a refreshed curl and the fuzz will have magically calmed down.

Tip 3: Any two strand twist or flat twist style can be transformed into a twist out. At the end of your second or third week when your hair begins to look less than desirable, take your twist out with the Fabulocs Dry Scalp and Hair Oil. For a more polished look, put a few pillow case rollers at the ends. This usually last a full week on its own. If you need to clean up your edges, throw a few two strand twist in the front using a little water and Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy over night. Take the twist out and experience a quick refresh of your style.

Be sure to handle your hair with care and do not snag or break your hair while taking your twist out. If you feel you can't quite get it right, leave it to the professionals.

Fabulocs Natural Hair Care Products can be purchased at or in-store at our Glenarden

location, 9100 McHugh Drive, Ste. 552 Glenarden MD 20706. For appointments call 240-463-3617

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