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Due to inventory affected by the Corona Virus, this product is now only available in an 8 oz size.

This precise combination of ingredients is specially processed and formulated to bind fuzzy hair into loc's, cornrow's, braid's and flat twist's without the use of sticky gels that build up. Also a great moisturizing styler for protective styling on dry prone hair! Great for home or salon use. It is recommended that you watch our "how to" video if using on locs.

Styling Paste

SKU: 852771004028
  • This uniquely textured styler allows the fuzz to wrap firmly into the loc while creating luxurious sheen in the dullest, driest looking locs. This product will give your locs a more polished professional look. Speed up the locing process and experience sheen like never before with Fabulocs Styling Paste! 8.0 OZ (236 ML)

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