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Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy

What’s So Special?

Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy is a combination of shea butter and the most effective essential oils based upon their ability to repair, moisturize, seal and protect the hair. These specifically formulated ingredients create incredible results such as long term moisturizing capability and shiny, manageable hair. The product’s creamy, whipped texture allows for easy distribution and penetration into the hair shaft. Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy is proven to help hair grow long, strong and healthy. This moisturizer is so intense that customers with dry, hard locs or color treated hair often use it to soften their hair. It has also been found to be highly beneficial to clients that “pic out” their locs.

The FABULOCS Difference:

The difference between Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy and other moisturizing products for natural hair are the ingredients and results. Our moisturizer is 100% natural and contains no drying alcohol, petroleum, fillers or any damaging ingredients. Most moisturizers contain water, holding ingredients and damaging preservatives for longer shelf life. Water causes coily hair to frizz and has an evaporating effect that decreases the amount of time the hair stays moisturized. Holding ingredients are used to hold the style into place by hardening the hair. These ingredients dry out the hair and cause breakage, making it impossible to style your hair in between washes without extra breakage and splitting your ends. Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy can be used as often as needed and in between washes without worries.


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Fabulocs Loc Binding Butter

What’s So Special?

Fabulocs Loc Binding Butter is used during the loc maintenance process to hold hairs in place without drying and hardening. Its unique hair moisturizing capability adds softness and sheen to even the driest and dullest of locs. This product is great for locs that have been hardened due to color over-processing or the use of drying products.

The FABULOCS Difference:

The difference between Fabulocs Loc Binding Butter and its competitor’s products can be found in our 100% natural ingredients, our products unique consistency and our proven results. Most loc maintenance products consist of drying alcohol and holding ingredients that result in dry, hard locs. The Fabulocs Loc Binding Butter is a paste that allows for hair to be wrapped and smoothed into the loc during maintenance, creating professional loc maintenance results with softness and sheen.


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Fabulocs Dry Scalp and Hot Oil Treatment

What’s So Special?

Fabulocs Dry Scalp and Hot Oil Treatment is a therapeutic blend of essential oils capable of lifting dirt and eliminating dandruff-causing bacteria from the hair and scalp. When used as a hot oil treatment, the oils penetrate the hair follicle killing fungi and bacteria thus prolonging clean hair and scalp between shampoos. The Dry Scalp and Hot Oil Treatment can also be used daily to replenish sheen and help neutralize hair odors.

The FABULOCS Difference:

The Dry Scalp and Hot Oil Treatment blend contains a variety of thirteen essential oils, including Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial agent! Our Dry Scalp and Hot Oil Treatment is 100% natural and contains no drying alcohol, petroleum, fillers or damaging ingredients.


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Cleansing Conditioning Créme

What’s So Special?

Fabulocs Cleansing Conditioning Crème is made from natural ingredients designed to give you the ultimate cleansing and conditioning experience to maintain healthy growing hair. Traditional shampoos contain sodium Laureth Sulfate and other harsh ingredients that can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving your hair dry and difficult to manage. Unlike other cleansing crème’s, this product is designed for the driest, kinkiest of hair types. For moisture‐deprived hair, Fabulocs Cleansing Conditioning Crème can make a huge difference in the manageability, growth and overall health of your hair.

The FABULOCS Difference:

Fabulocs Cleansing Conditioning Crème is a one of a kind dual cleansing and
moisturizing product that has many unique attributes. Due to it’s select combination of ingredients, this cleansing creme retains moisture in the hair so well, many of our users are able to use less of their styling and moisturizing products, saving them money and time. Detangling has become easy for even the toughest and driest hair types. With continued use, hair can become extremely manageable and stress free. Fabulocs Cleansing Conditioning Crème can also make styling you child’s hair a breeze. No more tugging and pulling, just care free curls. Many women with tightly coiled hair experience severe dryness while wearing twist out and blow out styles. Fabulocs Cleansing Conditioning Crème is also great for locs and should be used at least once every two weeks to maintain clean hair and scalp. This product is also great for micro size and tiny locs that are interloced or crocheted. It enables them to be washed more frequently without disturbing the loc. Eliminate the dry‐out blues with Fabulocs Cleansing Conditioning Crème!